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  1. Expert Dressmaking Skills: Utilize your advanced sewing and cutting abilities to meticulously bring fashion concepts to life, maintaining the highest standards of quality and precision.
  2. Design Interpretation: Translate intricate designs into tangible realities, ensuring that every stitch reflects the essence of our creative vision.
  3. Collaborative Production Support: Work closely with the creative director to draft production plans and meet client deadlines.
  4. Material Selection and Management: Play an integral role in sourcing and managing fabrics and materials, ensuring that they align with our commitment to excellence.
  5. Pattern Perfection: If you possess pattern-making experience, your proficiency will be invaluable in ensuring flawless fittings and executions.
  6.  Quality Assurance Excellence: Embrace a relentless pursuit of perfection through consistent quality control measures, ensuring each garment meets our exacting standards
  7. Creative Adaptability: Showcase your versatility by contributing to various aspects of the production process, fostering a dynamic and collaborative environment.

Machine type: Industrial and Table top

Work days and hours;  Monday - Saturday 9am -5pm

Job Position:

  • 2


  • 3-5 years of working experience.


  • No

Bourgeon d’Elize

  • Date Posted 2023-11-17 14:43:51
  • Application Deadline 2023-11-25
  • Hiring Type Full-Time
  • Location Lagos, VGC
  • Qualification 3-5 years of working experience
  • Pay₦100,000 - ₦150,000 - 0

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