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AMUJ Lagos is a womenswear brand that creates purposely and delicately crafted pieces to make every woman feel sexy and confident. 

They are looking to hire a Tailor that is skilled at creating womeswear. As a tailor, you are responsible for creating and altering garments to achieve the desired fit and style. You will play a crucial role in ensuring that clothing items meet the highest quality standards and fulfil the design vision of the brand. 



  • Perform alterations and adjustments on ready-made clothing to achieve a perfect fit for clients.
  • Tailor garments according to specific client preferences, taking precise measurements for customizations.
  • Interpret and work with pattern templates created by Pattern Makers or designers, ensuring accurate construction.
  • Operate sewing machines and hand-sewing techniques to assemble, mend, and finish garments.
  • Stitch different types of seams, hems, and closures, such as zippers, buttons, and snaps.
  • Conduct fitting sessions with clients to assess the fit and comfort of garments.
  • Pin, mark, and make necessary adjustments based on client feedback.
  • Inspect finished garments for any flaws, loose threads, or imperfections.
  • Ensure that the quality and craftsmanship meet the brand’s standards.
  • Understand various types of fabrics, their characteristics, and how they behave during sewing.
  • Select appropriate sewing techniques and tools for different fabrics.
  • Create custom-made clothing items from scratch based on client measurements and design specifications.
  • Collaborate with clients to choose fabrics, styles, and details for bespoke garments.
  • Repair damaged clothing, including torn seams, holes, and damaged zippers.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot sewing machines and equipment to ensure they function smoothly.
  • Arrange for equipment servicing and repairs as needed.
  • Manage work orders and deadlines efficiently to meet client expectations and production schedules.
  • Follow safety protocols and guidelines for handling sewing equipment and materials.
  • Adhere to relevant regulations and standards in the fashion industry.
  • Collaborate with other members of the fashion design team, such as Pattern Makers and Designers, to ensure a seamless production process.

Job Position:

  • 1


  • Diploma.


  • Yes
For: Female


  • Date Posted 2024-04-01 15:50:02
  • Application Deadline 2024-05-31
  • Work Type Full-Time
  • Commute Type Onsite
  • Location Lagos, Lekki
  • Qualification Diploma
  • Pay₦80,000 - ₦0 - 0

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