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Whether you are looking to build a new house, renovate or repair your home, tilers on ArtisanOga can help you achieve your project goal much more smoothly.
When you hire a tiler on ArtisanOga, we provide you details of their qualifications, references and experience. We can also help you to obtain at least three written quotations, so that you can get a general idea of how much the project will cost.  

Tips for Hiring a Tiler

There are several types of tiles to suit different needs. Therefore, before you decide on the type of tiles to use, you would do well to know the the following common types:

Ceramic – ceramic tiles are made from clay and can be glazed or unglazed. There are many finishes and tiles come in a range of sizes.

Terracotta – these tiles are unglazed and as such must be sealed if they are to be used in areas of heavy use. Terracotta tiles are usually available in earthy tones.

Mosaic – mosaic tiles are small tiles made from stone, glass or ceramic and are set into a base to create patterns and designs. They are popular in bathrooms especially.

Marble and granite – very durable and entail low maintenance. If these tiles are polished they may become slippery in wet areas.

Porcelain – porcelain tiles are fired at very high temperatures and as such are impervious. They come in a glazed or matte finish and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Quartz – very durable and available in a wide range of colours.
Limestone – popular for floors but needs to be sealed as it can be porous  


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