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Who We Are

ArtisanOga is a marketplace that provides location based job matching solutions for homes and offices by connecting qualified service experts such as plumbers, electricians, carpenters, painters, bricklayers, beauticians, tailors, inverter/solar panel installers, generator repairers and more. We are a trust partner between service providers and clients. 

ArtisanOga is built around our client's needs

As a Client, we ensure that our proprietary screening processes match the most qualified and dependable people to you. ArtisanOga uses some of the cutting-edge technologies to provide and manage workers with convenience and safety. With our easy to use platform and a community of flexible, trained and insured workers, you can schedule, manage your workers online and save time. We understand that if we do not take care of our clients, someone else will. Therefore, we are constantly improving our system to provide safe, convenient and reliable world-class services.

No Complexity

Our process is highly simplified. From your easy-to-use online dashboard you can always have one point of contact and fewer lines of communication with simpler administrative process making it easier for you to keep track of what you are spending and to be confident standards are being maintained.

Save Cost

Working with us means saving cost and improving efficiency. From our analysis of your needs to the ongoing service delivery, our goal is to ensure that you spend less, increase efficiency and enjoy great convenience. Utilising ArtisanOga’s buying power can help to make further savings to your home or organization. We will ensure that the supply chain is short and transparent. All costs are accounted for and reported on a centralised management system.



Every job done, every customer satisfied.


We care deeply and the people always comes first.


We are candid and dedicated to our clients, helping our Artisans and Contractors to succeed.

Customer Centricity

We go over and beyond, surpassing customer expectations.

ArtisanOga is in the business of getting curated home and office service providers for various services ranging from cleaning tasks, pest control, appliances repairs, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, etc.

Office Address: B7, Obanta Close, Off Ajao Road, Ikeja, Lagos


Phone: +234 906 000 9923 |                 +234 817 154 2470