Dr. Fixit Krystalline

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Dr Fixit Krystalline is composed of high-quality cement, properly selected & graded inert aggregates, proprietary waterproofing active chemicals & additives. It is used as a chemically active waterproofing treatment for concrete.

Dr Fixit Krystalline when mixed with water and applied as a brush coat to concrete, it penetrates deeply into the capillaries of the concrete & protects it against the permeability of water.

How Dr Fixit Krystalline works?

  • The proprietary waterproofing active chemical plays a very important role & it is a very simple reaction with the natural chemical by-products of cement hydration, such as calcium hydroxide, various mineral oxides, hydrated & unhydrated cement particles of the concrete in wet condition. The result of the chemical reaction is the formation of billions of needles like non-soluble crystals which block the pores of the capillaries, voids & micro-cracks in concrete. After blocking, the pores & capillary tracts of the concrete become discontinuous which stops the

permeability from all directions of the treated concrete. Dr Fixit Krystalline remains active whenever water is present.


  • Pre-saturation & subsequent re-wetting of the surface will cause diffusion of the organic chemicals & formation of crystals by reaction at greater depth. It may take from seven days to one month to reach its maximum waterproofing capability, depending on the thickness of the concrete.


  • Environmental factors such as ambient temperature, the density of concrete, moisture presence & weather conditions can affect the timing of the sealing process. Under dry conditions, Dr Fixit Krystalline lies dormant. However, it becomes reactive whenever it is re-exposed to moisture.


  • It penetrates even against strong hydrostatic pressure, becoming an integral part of the concrete. The waterproofing chemicals remain active for the life of the structure, permanently sealing it for water seepage.