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Whether you are adding the finishing touches to a building project or you just think it’s time for a change, taking the time to find a painter to suit you can be drawn out. ArtisanOga can speed things up for you, providing a bespoke list of the best painters in your local area, alongside their complete profile so that you can hire with confidence.



A painter is a tradesperson qualified to paint buildings, walls, ceilings and beams for both indoors and outdoors. From deciding the colors suitable for your space and applying decorative techniques to getting maintenance painters who touch up paints. ArtisanOga is the best platform to hire professional painters to suit your painting needs. Our team of professionals will get the job done as quickly and neatly as possible. Many of them have special experience with different types of paints and patterns with basic skills that complement their roles such as deck sealing, filling in cracks and preparing or mixing paint. They have the ability to work with different surfaces including plaster, metal and wood.


The first thing you should have in mind before hiring a painter is to have a little idea of the job they will be doing. Measure the space and choose your materials carefully or if possible do some of the prep work yourself, such as clearing a room of furniture. It also pays to be open to suggestions regarding colour, lighting and decor. When you have your ideas prepared, invite your choice of painters to assess the job themselves. This is especially important for intricate projects such as murals, as you may need to bring in a specialist. Furthermore, be sure to check the experience and qualifications of the painters. Asides from the fact that we train our tradesmen, most of them have completed apprenticeship schemes, technical college courses and Labour Trade Test. One of the ways to identify a professional and a skilled painter is membership in trade related organisations and Associations. You can also request for reviews and references from previous jobs displayed on their profile on ArtisanOga website. After job assessment, the painter should be able to provide a flat or daily rate for their services. Depending on the size of the job, they may need to bring in multiple tradespeople and additional materials, so be sure to ask if this will attract extra charges.


This depends on the size of the job and the materials involved. Larger projects may require multiple painters, and exterior painting may cost more. You should be able to make a decision on who will be providing the materials for the job, as this can have a big impact on the price. You can also save money if you are able to remove old paint or wallpaper yourself, or if you can tidy up the space once the work is completed. Also be sure to ask if the price offered to you includes VAT. Do not be afraid to ask for a price breakdown.