4 Hire plumbers in Lagos, Nigeria

Toilet repair, sink repair, leak repair, toilet installation, sink or faucet installation, water heater repair, water heater installation, plumbing improvements, etc, the list is endless when it comes to plumbing issues. ArtisanOga does the search and offers you the best platform to confidently hire and manage all your your plumbers.

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Major roles of plumbers range from fixing a faulty faucet to maintaining a water heater. The first thing to keep in mind when hiring a plumber on is to be specific about what you need. We equip you with necessary information and tool including a dedicated customer service to enable you hire smart. You do not need to know everything about the job - that is the reason you need the professional in the first place. A good plumber may be able to offer you advice on other jobs that needs to be done, or even point out areas where you could save money. It is therefore important to take special care in examining a plumber’s previous work experience or references, and be sure to compare prices to avoid being overcharged. Our aim at ArtisanOga is for you to build a professional and trustworthy relationship with the artisan for long term projects.So no matter how many references or qualifications they seem to have, make sure they can back it up with a clear job history and references. There are also a number of professional bodies that tradespeople can join to show their credibility. For example the Federation of Informal Workers Association of Nigeria (FIWON), Association of Skilled and Vocational Artisans of Nigeria (ASVAN), and Lagos State Council of Tradesmen and Artisans (LASCOTA). Finally, paying directly to a technician seems appealing, but most times they don’t deliver as promised. Hence, it is safer to make and secure your payment via ArtisanOga platform.

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